The Invasion Jig is designed by Mike "Doc" Sabec.
"Doc" has been a professional fisherman and guide for
over 25 years. "Doc" grew up fishing the Turtle
Flambeau Flowage, which is famouse for its thick wood
and weed based fishing structures where a normal jig
just won't work. The slogan,
"Get in their space" is
key in putting fish in your boat. The design of the

Invasion Jig
allows you to do just that without the hang
ups, break offs, and re-tying of your tackle. Sure, the

Invasion Jig
is not 100% snag proof, but our
experience with the jigs has proven that it moves
through the thickest wood and weed structures better
than any other weedless jig we have tested.   
"Hook Setting" with Invasion Jig's 60 degree hook compared to
standard 90 degree hook.
90 degree hook pulls more
upward, less hooking percentage.
Invasion Jig's 60 degree hook
pulls straighter, better hooking